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December 9th, 2013

We have provided these short (1 minute) snippets from the last album. Feel free to have a listen. Please click on one of the following links:

Lost Without You
Half-Man / Half-Wolf

September 17th, 2013

Exciting news! Dominic Wall's music video for "When We Were Young" is now available to watch in full for the first time anywhere!

March 25th, 2010

Dominic Wall's new album, "Running Colours", is now available.


Running Colours (Audio CD)

by Dominic Wall

Price: £10 (Includes postage and packaging.)

Track Listing

01 Introduction
02 Liberty
03 Ride The Horse
04 Coming Down
05 No Rules
06 Half-Man / Half-Wolf
07 Disappear
08 Run
09 Lost Without You
10 Opportunity
11 Shooting Star
12 Open Road

Please visit the myspace page to listen to some of the tracks. www.myspace.com/dominicwall

Dominic Wall's first album, "Animals On The Loose", is still available.


Animals On The Loose (Audio CD)

by Dominic Wall

Price: £10 (Includes postage and packaging.)

Dominic Wall's first album, "Animals On The Loose", available now. Click the PayPal button to purchase.

Track Listing

01 Moved To Distraction
02 Where Did I Go Wrong?
03 When We Were Young
04 Lammasu
05 Listen
06 Wake Up
07 I Heard She Said
08 Something More
09 Underground
10 Paradise
11 Messenger

Sample Music >> When We Were Young

Sample Music >> Moved To Distraction

Sample Music >> Messenger


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